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Unlock the secrets to setting up and managing successful affiliate programs! Whether you're a seasoned affiliate manager, business owner, or a newcomer, there's something valuable for everyone. Dive into these resources and fast-track your way to affiliate success!

The Ultimate Affiliate Program Checklist

Feeling frustrated and confused with your affiliate program? Tap into the very 30-point checklist I use to help my clients generate millions in affiliate sales. It's the affiliate manager's dream toolkit, and it's right here, waiting for you!

6 Questions You Must Ask Before Creating An Affiliate Program

Are you craving a business upgrade with an affiliate program? Tap into my expertise to avoid rookie pitfalls in affiliate management. This guide will help you evaluate if an affiliate program is your ticket to booming growth and a potential 20% sales increase!

8 Red Flags Of Affiliate Fraud

Feeling defeated by your affiliate program's poor numbers? I share over a decade of refined strategies to help you combat affiliate fraud. This guide will enable you to spot those sneaky red flags that drain profits and harm your reputation. Dive in and arm yourself against the silent fraudsters that could be lurking in the shadows.

Affiliate Program Health Check Quiz

Is your affiliate program under-performing? Take the quiz below to determine if your affiliate program is under-performing so you can start taking action and be on track to success!

15-Min Exploration Call

Ready to take your affiliate marketing journey to the next level? Whether you're a newbie or a pro, my free 15-minute exploration call can set you on the path to mastery. Let's get your burning questions answered!

Affiliate Nerd Out Podcast

Hungry for the latest in affiliate marketing strategies? Tune in to insights from industry leaders and growth-hacking masters! Every week, industry experts discuss the hottest topics and share growth hacks that are revolutionizing affiliate marketing. Don't miss out on these golden nuggets!

Adam Enfroy

Founder, AdamEnfroy.com

Co-Founder, Income Growth Engine

If any Affiliate Managers out there need help with their program, Dustin is the #1 person to contact.

What a fantastic guy! As a new Affiliate Manager at BigCommerce, I reached out to Dustin and became a client of his. He really knows his stuff. Dustin's extensive background in affiliate fraud prevention, compliance, recruiting, and program management have been incredibly valuable to our organization. He's also an awesome community builder, bringing together Affiliate Managers and creating a collaborative environment where we all benefit.

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