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Performance Marketing Manager is teaching the next generation of affiliate management skills to junior marketers and seasoned veterans in the partnership space.

As a performance marketing manager, you are responsible for affiliate management and developing affiliate partnerships. But many affiliate managers fall into a cognitive barrier, an illusion of explanatory depth. It means you think you fully understand something that you actually don’t; more commonly put.. you don’t know what you don’t know.

Affiliate managers are responsible for creating affiliate sales strategies, negotiating affiliate terms, and troubleshooting affiliate issues. In addition, you will be responsible for tracking affiliate performance and providing affiliate reporting. As a performance marketing manager, you will have the opportunity to work with a variety of affiliates and to develop long-term relationships with them. This position offers a great opportunity for those who are looking to build their career in affiliate marketing.

So if you want to take your skills to the next level and develop new ideas on how to grow your affiliate program, Dustin Howes will be your guide level up.

Your Guide to Success

Over the last 12 years in the affiliate marketing industry, I've found one absolute truth: Affiliate programs do not run themselves. After auditing hundreds of programs, I came to conclusion that the overall affiliate management is wildly misunderstood. I took everything I knew about affiliate management and began training others my proven methods of success. Let me show you how to optimize your program, how to recruit the right partners, and how to get those partners to produce sales.

Dustin Howes
Founder & Chief Coach
Performance Marketing Manager


"Dustin is my go to secret weapon when it comes to structuring, organizing and running every affiliate program I work with. The resources and training is OUT OF THIS WORLD!! Thank you so much!!"
Sarah Laws
CEO, Laws Marketing Consulting
"After working with PPM, I have a clear step-by-step process for how to create, run and kill it with affiliate marketing. Before that I found it challenging to know exactly what to do."
Melodie Moore
CEO, Business Tech Ninjas
"Dustin's knowledge in the affiliate management space is impressive. He has an incredible ability to explain complex concepts in an easy to understand format. Ecommerce site owners need this course immediately."
Nick Pullano

Video Training with Dustin

8 hours of training videos going over intricate details of affiliate management duties.

Join the Community

Join a community of affiliate managers looking to take their program to the next level.

Group & 1-on-1 Coaching

Weekly group coaching sessions and personal coaching to discuss your program.

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6 Pillars of Successful affiliate programs

6 Pillars of Successful
Affiliate Programs

Keys to Landing a Job
in Affiliate Marketing

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Who is this training for?

Marketing Professional​

Marketing Professional​

Grow in your career, and get everyone else in your company on the same page, and speaking the same language. This badge looks good on a resume too.
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Dedicated Affiliate Manager​

Dedicated Affiliate Manager​

Sharpen your skills and learn the latest industry techniques that are proven to grow your program and make you look good.
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Agency Owner​

Agency Owner​

Add an affiliate and performance marketing to your portfolio of billable services, and responsibly serve your clients with expert knowledge in the field.
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Director of Marketing​

Director of Marketing​

Hire smart, train smart. Give your managers and employees the training they need, so you can stay focused on strategy and execution.
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Looking to train someone to run the affiliate channel? This course will give you visibility on the progress of the course taker to ensure they are making progress.
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