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 Performance Marketing Manager believes in the power of putting partnerships first. The founder, Dustin Howes, developed the gift of network marketing over the last 10 years in the affiliate marketing industry. Dustin has cultivated thousands of partner relationships while observing the industries best practices. While honing his skills in the field, Dustin Howes came to the unfortunate conclusion that the overall management of affiliate programs is wildly misunderstood. He created the only online certification course of it’s kind that teaches how to properly manage a merchant affiliate program. His energy and enthusiasm exudes throughout the course.

Meet the Team


The idea man who employs other personalities to execute plans. Favorite hobby : poking bears

Chief Coach

The star of the show. He's going to try to make you laugh and teach you how to be a badass manager

Chief Content Officer

Professor Howes works hard creating new content for the course and marketing

Chief Marketing Officer

Captain Dutch is always looking for new ways find the right audience for this course

Chief Tech Officer

Captain Nerd Alert is working on web design. He's a big fan of Elementor & WordPress

Associate Designer

This is Tim. He is responsible for all corny photos throughout the course and site

Dustin Howes
Affiliate Career Highlights

Dustin Howes
Personal Highlights

  • Lives in Placerville, CA
  • Wife & 2 kids (3 & 5 years old)
  • 2 Boston Terriers
  • Avid fan of baseball and San Fransisco Giants
  • Once ran a 4:20 mile in college, but now it's about 7 minutes
  • Loves the outdoors, playing pickleball, and tinkering with WordPress
  • Director of Affiliate Partnership at

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