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The role of the affiliate manager is underrated by most companies. One of the biggest mistakes companies make is to put someone in the affiliate manager role that doesn't have the experience needed to succeed.

But running an affiliate program doesn't have to be a painful or frustrating challenge. You don't need to feel anxious about this role; you should be excited about growing it.

Every company has unique marketing demands for their niche. Performance Marketing Manager has created an online course that coaches affiliate managers to prioritize time, recruit the right affiliates, and develop deeper partnerships. We teach you the innovative techniques in publisher recruitment that put the right pieces in place to grow your affiliate program.

What you Learn in the Course

Affiliate 101

* Course goals
* Platforms
* Terminology
* Competitive analysis
* Choosing an action
* Commission rates
* Attribution models
* Choosing the right network or platform


* Recruitment strategy
* Documenting with CRM
* Tagging and classifying partners
* Finding influencers
* List building
* Productivity tools
* SaaS prospecting tools
* Prospecting email strategy
* Outsourced program management (OPM)


* Establishing program terms
* Program descriptions
* Partner signup page
* Welcome email flow
* Email templates
* Tracking links 101
* Text & banners links
* Two-tier programs
* Educating partners
* Tag parameters
* Data & product feeds


* Running the program
* Daily Tasks
* Application review
* Monitoring transactions
* Program balance
* Ongoing tasks

Expert Help

* 1-on-1 calls
* 60-minute consultation
* Interviews with experts
* Group discussions of program issues
* Fresh eyes on your program


* Rules of engagement
* Newsletters
* Gaining trust
* Incentives
* Negotiating terms
* Conference hacks
* Networks
* FTC & GDPR compliance


* Activation of current affiliates
* Platform recruitment
* Incentive campaigns
* Email templates for outreach
* Recruitment campaigns


* Proper program setup
* Fake sales & leads
* Trademark infringement
* Parasiteware, Toolbars, etc.

* Red flags
* Investigation process
* Inquiry emails
* Decision Making


* Transactions
* Spikes & Dips
* Performance
* Product SKUs
* 90/10 rule

Included with the Training

The Affiliate management training program

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Who is This Course For?



Looking to train someone to run the affiliate channel? This course will give you visibility on the progress of the course taker to ensure they are making progress.
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Dedicated Affiliate Manager​

Dedicated Affiliate Manager​

Sharpen your skills and learn the latest industry techniques that are proven to grow your program and make you look good.
More About The Course

Director of Marketing​

Director of Marketing​

Hire smart, train smart. Give your managers and employees the training they need, so you can stay focused on strategy and execution.
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Agency Owner​

Agency Owner​

Add an affiliate and performance marketing to your portfolio of billable services, and responsibly serve your clients with expert knowledge in the field.
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Marketing Professional​

Marketing Professional​

Grow in your career, and get everyone else in your company on the same page, and speaking the same language. This badge looks good on a resume too.
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Improve Your Skill Set

How to Create a Solid Program

Is your program setup for success?

We start with the fundamentals of affiliate marketing. You’ll learn how to research your market and competitors. You’ll establish an appropriate commission rate to pay your affiliates. You’ll create terms & conditions to prevent fraudulent affiliates from you program. You’ll prepare content to help your affiliates succeed. You’ll execute the plan and launch an awesome affiliate program.

How to Recruit the Right Partners

Are you struggling to find the right partners that can
help drive traffic and sales to your website?

You’ll learn the latest tips and tricks to find the right niche partners that will help grow your affiliate channel. You’ll understand the importance of further cultivating these relationships and documenting progress throughout the relationship. You’ll develop the skills to become the partner that affiliates want to work with.

How to Maintain the Program

Do you know how to properly manage your time?

The job of an effective affiliate manager is never complete. As the program grows, the tasks compound. So how do you manage all these tasks? You’ll learn effective time management and which tasks will be the best use of your time. You’ll understand the daily, weekly, and monthly tasks that affiliate managers must do to developer a successful program.

How to Prevent & Eliminate Fraud

Do you know the fraud red flags to look for in your affiliate program?

If you don’t know what to look for, fraudulent affiliates will find ways to steal money from your company, and consequently, other affiliates in your program. You’ll learn the fraud prevention techniques to keep fraudsters out of your program. You’ll understand the way fraudsters think and how you can protect your program from being attacked. You’ll save your company thousands of dollars in commissions.
Is your program having issues with fraud?
Learn more on how to protect your program.

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Dustin Howes

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