Audit Your Affiliate Program

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In this video, I’m going over three big reasons you should audit your affiliate program. If your program has been lackluster and failing to hit expectations, a program audit might be what you need to revitalize.

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I know, shocking right?!

You should audit your affiliate program... you did watch that video above right? We offer packages to fit every affiliate program budget.

30-point checklist to affiliate program success​


Growing an affiliate program is not an easy task. There are key fundamentals that all successful affiliate programs practice. In this 30-point checklist, we share the essential elements that will make your affiliates excited to join and promote your program.

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Transcription of today's video:

Dustin Howes here once again preaching the good word about performance marketing. It’s the future and the future is now, so get on board people!

Today I’m going over affiliate program audits.  So if your program has been lackluster in the past and is failing to live up to expectations, listen up while I explain 3 big reasons your affiliate program needs an audit.

Here we go.

Reason #1- You started out wrong. Tens of thousands of companies out there have decided to create an affiliate program to increase their revenue. It's a great idea, in theory, but what most companies fail to do is plan properly.  The people in charge probably have little to no experience with affiliate programs, so they just put Jim in charge, who also runs the PPC ads and tell him to manage the program when he has time. Meanwhile the company is expecting the channel to take off immediately like it did with Facebook Ads. One year later, everyone at the company is shaking their heads wondering why the affiliate program was not a success. Well, the short answer is the program was never set up for success.

Reason #2- It’s been a neglected channel. I get it, you’re busy out there making that perfect retargeting campaign on FB. And PPC Jim is busy tweaking 2 words on 3 campaigns today, his plate is full and he just wasn’t able to get around to recruiting affiliates…this year.

Hey the affiliate channel set it and forget it situation right?

NO. The time and effort you put into growing partnerships is a huge key to the success of the program and your product altogether. You should highly consider having someone devoted to the growth of this channel.

That ties well into 

Reason #3- Getting a Fresh set of eyes on the program. If you haven’t used a trained professional in the past, chances are likely that your program is not reaching it's full potential. An affiliate program audit will find the roadblocks that are preventing the growth of the program and generate a new gameplan to breath some new life into it. An Audit will also guide you in the right direction for how your program should be managed moving forward. Spoiler Alert: PPC Jim is not the answer. Let’s keep that between me and you though, I like Jim, he’s a good guy, but he’s got to go!

To sum it all up, If you think you might have an issue, if your program has gone stale, or you just want to revitalize and see if there are more opportunities, use the link below and come talk to me at I love doing program audits, but if I’m not right for the job, I’ll help point you in the right direction. Don’t let your affiliate program suffer in silence, get it the help it deserves.

Good luck out there!

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