On episode 3 of Ask Dustin Anything :

Dustin talks about affiliate newsletter frequency, and Sam challenges my athletic ability.

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Transcription of today’s episode:

Welcome back to Ask Dustin Anything, the segment of Performance Marketing Manager that is dedicated to answering any questions I receive about marketing and personal. I’ll be picking questions randomly out of a hat today.

Today’s marketing question comes from Melodie Moore at Business Tech Ninjas and she asks “How often should an affiliate manager be sending newsletters?” 

Thanks for that question Melodie. Newsletters is a fun topic for me. My rule is minimum 1, max 3. You want to stay on top of mind with the affiliate, but you don’t want to flood their inbox either.

 Ideally I like to do 2 each month. First one early in the month should be about something educational, like how to convert and give them materials that will help them succeed. 

The second one is usually a promotion at the end of the month to help the program get a last minute boost, maybe a coupon offer that your affiliates can post on a social channel.

If you send a 3rd in a month, thats great, but don’t make a habit of it or sending more than that as you are going to risk that partner unsubscribing from your list or going blind to your emails in their inbox. Good luck out there Melodie.

And for this week’s personal question:

Comes Sam Benon at Storygize. Hey Dustin, I hear you do a mean double toe-touch. Can you show me? Thanks for putting me on the spot Sam. It has been a while, but I can give it the old college try.

And there you have it. Thanks, you’re welcome Sam. Thanks for joining me. If you have a question for me, please submit it on the form at the URL below. I’ll be back next week with more…ask Dustin anything. Cheers (wink and the gun).


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