Affiliate Fraud and Your Program

Take 3 simple steps to keep your affiliate program safe from fraud

Affiliate fraud can get out of hand quickly if it isn’t monitored and prevented properly. Take these steps to set your program up for success.

Step #1 - Turn Off Auto-Approve

Fraudsters want to lay in the bushes, unnoticed in the shadows. They will hunt down programs that are on auto-approve and exploit the holes in the program. This is the first door they look for into infiltrating your program. Review all applications to see if they are a good fit. I recently applied to 1000 affiliate programs to do a field study. Shockingly I saw 56% of programs on auto-approve. For more on this, download my free training video “why you should stop auto-approving affiliates.”

Step #2 - Strong Program Terms & Conditions

Fraudsters are looking for programs that have weak terms and conditions, and especially those that have none. You don’t need legalese to be in control, just terms that make it clear that you mean business. You can download a templated terms and conditions here.

Step #3 - Protect Your Trademark

Savvy affiliates are on the hunt for programs that do not list protected trademarks in their terms and conditions. They will join the program, create some content (maybe), and create PPC campaigns to drive traffic to your site through their affiliate link. This will drive up the prices of PPC ads, costing that channel more ads spend (plus affiliate commissions. List an array of trademark keywords and modifications to make it clear to affiliates that this practice won’t be allowed.  

Ready to learn more?

Join me in this free video training where you’ll see live examples of what an affiliate looks for when searching for merchants to promote. You’ll learn:

  • How Affiliates Find Program & Programs Doing it Wrong

  • Programs Doing it Right

  • Actions You Can Take Today 

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