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30-point checklist to affiliate program success​


Growing an affiliate program is not an easy task. There are key fundamentals that all successful affiliate programs practice. In this 30-point checklist, we share the essential elements that will make your affiliates excited to join and promote your program.

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Looking to train someone to run the affiliate channel? This course will give you visibility on the progress of the course taker to ensure they are making progress.
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Dedicated Affiliate Manager​

Dedicated Affiliate Manager​

Sharpen your skills and learn the latest industry techniques that are proven to grow your program and make you look good.
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Director of Marketing​

Director of Marketing​

Hire smart, train smart. Give your managers and employees the training they need, so you can stay focused on strategy and execution.
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Agency Owner​

Agency Owner​

Add an affiliate and performance marketing to your portfolio of billable services, and responsibly serve your clients with expert knowledge in the field.
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Marketing Professional​

Marketing Professional​

Grow in your career, and get everyone else in your company on the same page, and speaking the same language. This badge looks good on a resume too.
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